02 February 2014

what you must do after SPM

hye guys.

hm today i wanna to share two videos about  "panduan selepas SPM"

this videos actually was made by our seniors in SBP that now further his studied at abroad.
he was ex-MCKK. so lets checkidout it yeah :)

the first video u must watch :

the second video :

so whats u get from watching all this videos?
for me. hm interest vs talent. yeah interest go first bcs talents will comes after that. insyaAllah :D like he said lah kan. haha copy paste je padahal.

k for me he is a good senior bcs he spend his time for tutoring us about what we must do after spm. hahaha. thanks senior a.k.a bro Feymi Azmi :)
btw do subscribe him at youtube for watching the others videos k.

thats all. byebyeeeeee darl.

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