13 February 2014

whats star u came from?

so whats star u came from?
of course the earth. ehhh bumi ni bintang ke? i dun thing so :P

btw tittle post kali ni ada kena mengena dgn kdrama MY LOVE FROM ANOTHER STAR. yeah. im just addict with this kdrama bcs of do min joon that came from another star. he so awesome. tapi its doesnt mean that i want to blog about this kdrama. just for fun. ehhh hahaha.


The Netherlands
our long destination. 

God already knows what we want. He gave us du’aa so that we can taste the sweetness of speaking to Him. —Shaykh Ninowy 
this is so cool ;)

ahahaha dan yg ini adalah pemandangan sunset dari sains setiu. hows cool is it right?
ugh i might miss this phenomena.

a new look of SAIS.

and this is my hope. its okay not to get all A+. but its so important to get all subject As. tak kisah lah semua A- ke hape. janji semua A. hahaha. 

us. EXITERssss :D first batch of SAIS.

my NAFISianss.

thats all. all the best to all of u.
byebye darl :)
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