30 January 2014

sleep well

assalamualaikum. thanks to Allah.
Alhamdulillah. sekarang routine normal tidur aku dah kembali :)

btw this the facts about sleep that i got from my friend Nuriyahtul Fatima who studied at UTM Skudai now.

here i want to share what she post at facebook. please take note dear :)

pls make it a point to sleep early ...that's how Allah has made us.. Sleep at night n work during the day.. 

Today I learnt something new…. A natural cancer vaccine!!

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’alah wants the best for us and does not want us to have cancer or any other disease and as long as we read and implement the Qura’an we will never suffer in shaa Allah, Allah SWT says: (We have not sent down to you the Qur'an that you be distressed) 20:2

Allah SWT placed in each and every one of us a gland in our head called the Pineal gland, it is considered to be the biological clock of the human body and it is also connected to the sight nerve. It is so small like a size of a pea. Every day after Isha this glands start producing a substance called Melatonin which runs in the blood streams and protects the body from cancer. This gland works only in the dark so if the eye is exposed to light the gland does not work because it thinks night has not come yet. So if you stay up at night in the light you are depriving your body from this daily vaccine. Allah SWT says: (We erased the sign of the night and made the sign of the day visible ) 17:12

Unfortunately, we nowadays made the sign of the night more visible than the sign of day by staying up all night and sleeping all day. Our parents and grandparents who used to sleep early in the night and wakeup early in the morning did not suffer from cancer or any of the diseases we hear about today.

A study was done on to types of chicken farms, a natural breeding type where chickens sleep early at night and wakeup early in the morning to feed and an artificial one where they wake the chickens at night for feeding. The results were 30% of the artificial farming chickens were diagnosed with cancer while the natural farming chickens were completely healthy and clear from any disease.

Allah SWT placed this daily vaccine in our bodies to protect us so let’s put it to use by sleeping early. The gland starts working from after Isha until two hours before fajr!!! Subhana Allah as if it’s telling us two hours before fajr is the last third of the night so wake up for Qeyaamulail. Follow your guide and your manual (the Quran) my dear sisters and brothers and you will always be fine in shaa Allah. Alhamdolilah ala neemat Al Qura’an

Cancer remedy proven from hadith and elaborated by science
Subhan Allah.. Must read the miraculous physiology, Allah designed inside man.. Forwarded as received...

so guysssss. please sleep well at night and turn off the lamp k.
jangan lupa bangun solat tahajud :)

sekian saja. take care. wassalam :D
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